hey friends! this is me. i’m katie. i’m a 26 year old, st. pete beach, fl native. i have two degrees from the university of florida- one of which being my masters in occupational therapy. it took a lot of majors and meltdowns to get there, but that’s a story for another day. now i spend my days working in the school system, mostly with kiddos with autism. it is my true love and they are my babies. i also see a few kids in private schools. and work at an AMAZING outpatient clinic. i spend my spare time: at the animal shelter, crafting, with my boyfriend, laminating, an learning how to play guitar. i am also a Disney FANATIC and annual pass holder. food is a passion. and i’m attempting to love fitness.

follow along as i share: activities. things i learn along the way. cute crafts. funny stories. & life in general.